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Friday, April 18, 2014 - 09:11 AM UTC
Many thanks to all those that attended, we couldn't do it without you! look forward to seeing you all next year!
2014 Southern California Area Historical Miniatures Society

Show Awards

Sponsored Awards:

Best American Spirit Award. Sponsored by Matt Hauck. Print of Greg DiFranco Artwork of George Washington and Lafayette donated by the Long Island Historical Miniatures Society. Awarded to Steve Durling for his “Iroquois Warrior” figure.

Best Storyteller Award. Sponsored by the U.S. Junior Scale Modeling Team. Awarded to Mike McFadden for his Box Diorama titled “Action Stations Dive!”

Bob Cotrell Memorial Award-Best Civil War. Sponsored by Penny Meyer. Awarded to Dave Hawley for his scratch-built Field Limber and Caisson.

Paper Models and more…

Pewter Medal awarded to Bob Penikas for his whole display of paper models and models made from aluminum cans.

Painter’s Ordnance Division

Certificates of Merit

Oscar Garcia Douglas D-558-2

Bronze Medals
None Awarded

Silver Medals

John Brubaker Tiger II

Michael Apodaca U-Boat

Anthony Enderli Adam West Batmobile
Bryan Chow Sturer Emil

Gold Medals
C. Reed West 1923 Mac Truck/De Havilland

Open Ordnance Division

Certificates of Merit

David Hawley Civil War Field Limber

Bronze Medals
None Awarded

Silver Medals

Michael Armstrong Entire Display
Mike McFadden DUKW
Alan Lee Entire Display
Gold Medals
Ronald Tom Harley Davidson
Bill Chilstrom Entire Display
Oliver Doering Huey Helicopter

Fantasy Division Ordnance and Figures
Certificates of Merit

None Awarded

Bronze Medals

John Brubaker Shaku Morkhai
Oscar Garcia Bela Lugosi as Dracula
Michael Apodaca Millenium Falcon

Silver Medals

Tiffany Rogers Damsel in Distress

Gold Medals
Aaron Lovejoy Road to Mordheim & Not Angron
Ther Intararangson Capt’n Sapo
Ronald Tom Joker

Painters Division Figures

Certificates of Merit
Oscar Garcia German Infantry, Winter 1944
John Masek Norman Lord

Bronze Medals

Rick Randall French Grenadier
Victoria Geis Queen Isabella
Jeff Geis Roman Secutor, A.D. 150
John Brubaker Posing for the Home Front
Matt Hauck Dwarf

Silver Medals

Steven Lloyd Highland Clansman
Mike Saggs Halberdier
Steve Durling Capt. Nathan Brittles
John Brubaker Viking Chieftain
Alan Lee Panzer Officer
Pete Ledesma British Officer Bust
Tim Farrell Bust Collection

Gold Medals

Carson Van Osten The Quartermaster
David Whitford Rat Fink
Young Won Entire Display
Mike Butman Teutonic Knight

Open Division Figures

Certificates of Merit
None Awarded

Bronze Medals
Matthew Eyrich Waiting, Germany 1945

Silver Medals

Alan Lee Wedgies
Gold Medals
Mike McFadden Action Stations Dive!
Mike Good Japanese Cavalry Officer, 1904
Young Won Crossing the River, 1944
Bill Chilstrom Hell in the Trenches

Best of Show

Oliver Doering Huey Helicopter
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Will there be photographs of the winners?
APR 23, 2014 - 12:51 PM
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