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Wednesday, April 20, 2016 - 04:17 AM UTC
2016 Southern California Area Historical Miniature Show Awards

Juniors- Certificates of Merit

Chloe Butman Age 8 M109 Messerschmitt
Hanna Panman Age 6 Kings and Queen
Emily Panman Age 4 Firetruck
Basic Division- Certificates of Merit
Sasa Butman Age 11 Jagdpanzer
General Division- Certificates of Merit
Bill Murphy Entire Display
General Division- Pewter Medals
Bill Walls GI Sniper
Painterís Ordnance-Certificates of Merit

Painterís Ordnance-Bronze Medal

Thanh Ngo M61A5
Oscar Garcia Space Cruiser Yamato
Michael Apodaca Priest Tank

Painterís Ordnance-Silver Medal

Bill Murphy Fire Support Trench
Randy Ray Puppchen
Mike Armstrong SKODA Howitzer
Scott and Steve Durling Red Ball Express
Richard Nicoletti ME262A1A
Marco Ramirez SAM Missile System
Brian Chou WESPE

Painterís Ordnance-Gold Medal

Alex De Leon 2 PDR. Portee Deluxe
Open Ordnance-Certificates of Merit

Open Ordnance-Bronze Medal

Bob Penikas Sikorsky Firehawk
Open Ordnance-Silver Medal
Mike Armstrong BT-7M
Than Ngo Entire Display
Thor Intararrangson Hetzer
Luck Koonsombat Flame Wagon

Open Ordnance-Gold Medal

Alex De Leon Ariel Wing British Motorcycle
Randy Ray Pickup with Rocket Launcher
Painterís -Certificates of Merit
Tony Ruiz Semper Fi
Painterís -Bronze Medal
Mike Saggs Gordon of Fyvie
Jim Gardiner SS Panzer Grenadier
Matt Hauck Fugitive Slave
Jim Abercromby Crusader XIIIth Century

Painterís -Silver Medal

Jeff Cupernell Cal Rogers
Ronald Tom Easy 8
Ed Cepauskas Pirate Captain
Nathan Hack French Fusilier
Steve Durling Entire Display

Painterís -Gold Medal

Chuck Smith Entire Display
Alex De Leon Iron Horse Cossack
Aaron Lovejoy No Hope
Thor Intararrangson U.S. BAR Gunner
David Powell Entire Display
Matt Wellhouser Entire Display
Open -Certificates of Merit
Bill Salvatore Smoke Break

Open -Bronze Medal

Luck Koosombat The Runner
Oscar Garcia Mummy
Mike Saggs 11th Mississippi
Open -Silver Medal
Thor Intararrangson Casualties of War
Alan Lee Entire Display
Mike Armstrong SIG 33

Open -Gold Medal

Bill Chilstrom Hit the Beach
Alex De Leon A Day at the Races
Nick Infield He Swims Amongst us
Fantasy-Certificates of Merit
Tony Ruiz Death Dealer
Fantasy-Bronze Medal
Brian Chou MS-06 Zaku II

Fantasy-Silver Medal

Tiffany Rogers Lost Treasures
Than Ngo Death Wing Terminators
Ronald Tom Elektra
Kaitlyn Pickett The Crossing
Fantasy-Gold Medal
Thor Intararrangson Krom Dragongaze
Mario Suhardi Entire Display

Sponsored Awards

Best WWII Sponsored by Randy Myers
Bill Murphy Fire Support Trench
Bob Cotrell Memorial Best Civil War Sponsored by Penny Meyer
Steve Durling Corporal Indiana Vol. Iron Brigade
American Spirit award sponsored by Matt Hauck
Matt Wellhouser 100 Yeard Dash Into Hell
Carson Van Osten Storyteller Award Sponsored by U.S. Jr. Scale Modeling Team
Nick Infield He Swims Amongst Us

Best in Show

Alex De Leon A Day at the Races

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